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If you are looking for a new PC and Laptops at lower price, I Fix Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd is what you’re looking for. In fact, this computer shop in Seremban is designed so you can find all your IT needs at one stop!

Every PC user has experienced the frustration of having our computer not working the way we want them to be. When this happen, the next thing to be concerned about is to look for a decent computer service provider that can meet our needs while providing excellent services that put the customers’ concerns in priority. I Fix Solutions offers exactly that!

Here, customers can count on them to deliver products of the best quality and performance at cheaper price, fit for small businesses, education institutions and personal use.

Having been at your service since 2012, I Fix Solutions aims to secure your PC’s maintenance in its best condition! The shop provides a wide range of computer services, which include:

1. Selling high quality, refurbished IT products

Of course, paying a huge sum of money in exchange for a good functional piece of technology would require a lot commitment. Thus, most people would naturally put trust in widely established brands no matter how expensive they are.

In that case, it is encouraged for you to consider an alternative that will save you from spending more than you have to. I Fix Solutions, a computer shop stationed in Seremban offers refurbished products that have the almost same quality as the new ones, if not better, at much favourable price!

Unlike any regular computer store you’re accustomed to, this computer shop in Seremban focuses on restoring old electric equipment to function almost like a brand new and resell them at reasonable price.

As a matter of fact, a product is refurbished by replacing worn out components with new ones that may not be from the same manufacturer as the rest of the machine.

However, customers can rest assured that all of the products from this computer shop in Seremban are polished and tested at utmost standard, both ethically and technically. The company strives to supply products that will not fall behind the newly manufactured ones in terms of quality and performance.

Not only that, customers do not have to be wary of unfamiliar or no brand products, because the store comes up with equipment only from trusted manufacturers, if not the world’s top-tier brands.

In addition, all the components are filtered to separate Beyond Economic Repair (BER) items, as only off lease items are used to put a product back on the shelf.

There are various sets of refurbished laptops, desktops and monitors to choose from this computer shop based in Seremban. However, refurbished parts of electronic devices are also made available so customers can purchase them separately. Be it LCD/LED Monitors & many more new items and computer accessories, they have it all!

Of course, it’s a given that free consultation are also provided through well trained staff to assist you in getting exactly what you wanted. Whatever questions you have in mind, do not hesitate to voice them out! Your very concern is valuable to their team as it will guide them to fulfil your requirements and expectations.

2. Selling new and semi new gaming set / custom PC

If you are a hardcore gamer, you are highly recommended to check out their new gaming sets, or semi new sets.

This neighbourhood friendly computer shop in Seremban understands very well the passionate heart of gamers, and they are pleased to offer high performance computers that will meet your gaming necessities. Gamers can get their best deals for any of their desired new or semi new high-speed gaming PCs in stock.

Even more fun, a handful of quality PC components are available individually in the store. So get creative and build your ideal custom PC at economical price!

You can make your purchase now in 3 simple steps!

First, find the items of your choice. I Fix Solutions website is built with super optimised filters that ensure you a pleasant browsing experience.

Second, contact the store by leaving a message on their website. Their team takes pride in offering you friendly and knowledgeable services. You can be assured that your satisfaction is their top priority.

Lastly, buy with confidence. The customers are guaranteed to receive their items in perfect condition, exactly as promised when the purchase was made!

3. Repairing computers and printers

If you’re looking for a computer shop in Seremban area that offers a repair service provider for your computer or printer, once again, you’re in the right place! Customers can bring in their own electric equipment to the shop, where there will be qualified and highly experienced technicians ready to solve your problems. 

At I Fix Solutions, you can look forward to getting sales and repair services on laptop and desktop computers at affordable prices!

Reach out to them now and they will solve all your PC issues, including virus and spyware removal, troubleshooting, software and hardware services as well as providing parts and accessories.

Find them on Facebook by searching I Fix Solutions for more updates on sales or inquiries regarding the services provided. For fast responses, customers can visit their shop at No.3835, Jalan RJ 6/8, Taman Rasah Jaya, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, or send an email to ifixsolutionmy@gmail.com. Inquiries can also be accepted through calls, or messages via Whatsapp at 011-10093835.

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